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Enjoy a domination, bdsm, transformism, sado. A suite dungeon BDSM&SADO in Marbella, where pleasure, morbidity, humiliation, fetishism, equipped with leather, with bondage furniture, with a great luxury of erotic toys, where you can satisfy and have great privacy and hygiene.

In the dungeon suite you have an exclusive space where you can give free rein to your imagination.

You have to know that BDSM that these acronyms stand for play practices with special scenarios to make them more pleasurable kindness and discipline domination and submission sadism and masochism. If you have ever wanted to experience the world of BDSM and did not know where to do it, it will not be very difficult to have a perfect encounter with your discreet and hygienic partner in our dungeon suite we take privacy and security very seriously, an environment created for pleasure which makes the dad morra suite in Marbella one of the best in Spain. We have more than 100 different toys equipped with BDSM furniture.

BSM. Sado. Dungeon. Masochism. Fetishism. Fetish. Domination. Submission.femdon.maledon

Dungeon suite description

  • Silicone suction cups
  • Rings
  • Red and black masks
  • Stimulator. G
  • Chastity belts
  • Necklace and handcuffs
  • Dominatrix Kit
  • Whips
  • 50 shades
  • Videos
  • Reversible hand and foot cuffs
  • probes
  • necklace piercing
  • Potro-banco
  • leather bracelets
  • harnesses
  • etc

We have for men latex clothing, high heels, wigs, makeup, leather clothing, mirrors, videos …


All rooms require the age of majority

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sala bondage
sala bondage