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    Casa Masa

  • Welcome to Casa Masa, for 10 years one of the best clubs in Marbella and surroundings!

  • Join our beautiful Club in Marbella and meet many young friends every day here who spend their afternoons in our place to pamper you.

About Us


We are located very close by the center of Marbella. Our doors are open for everyone +18 independend of gender. Our potential guests should be dressed decently and know how to behave in public. We are specialized in exclusive parties in Marbella.
If you're looking to spend an evening / night to remember, please contact us and let us take care of you.
If you're looking to spend your time in a more relaxing way, we do offer all kinds of massages in our specially designed private rooms, by the most experienced ladies.


With an excellent reputation of more than 10 years, Casa Masa takes you to a dream world, a unique space designed exclusively for you.
A massage center at your disposal that will provide the perfect harmony between body and soul. A fun space where you can enjoy the night away with the most beautiful girls in the Marbella area.
Enjoy a drink on one of our outside terraces, the lounge or bar or join us for some splashing fun in the jacuzzi or pool.
At Casa Masa we turn every day and night into one to remember!


At Casa Masa we have about 20 masseuses of various ages (all legal and adult!) and nationalities who are more than happy to offer you special services on request. Pricing for extra services can be discussed with each individual.
Casa Masa only provides the most beautiful surroundings to enjoy all the services to the fullest.
Come by and visit us in Marbella soon and experience our private paradise with your own eyes in the most exclusive club in Marbella.
♥ ♥ ♥ Welcome at Casa Masa ♥ ♥ ♥

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7 cosas imprescindibles que debes hacer en MARBELLA

7 cosas imprescindibles que debes hacer en MARBELLA

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